About Me, Myself & I:

“A man has had enough of  unwanted advice. Does he succeed in getting piece of mind? Or is that at all possible? Are you really ever alone?”

This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project Amsterdam 2015. The film is in Dutch but subtitles will be added soon!

My Job: Editing, Color grading, Sound design and mix, VFX

Tech specs:

Directed by: Marc Eikelenboom / Jens Rijsdijk
Written by: Jens Rijsdijk / Marc Eikelenboom
DOP: Boje Ploeg

Running time: 5min10
Camera: RED Epic
Resolution: 4K RAW


Sytse Faber

Winner of:

Audience award (group B) (Amsterdam)

Nominated for:

Best Actor (Amsterdam)
Best Script (Amsterdam)
Best use of character (Amsterdam)