About Inheriting Liu He Men:

Henny Eleonora and Zhang ShaofuInheriting Liu He Men (ILHM) is a documentary that tells the story of Kung Fu Grandmaster Henny Eleonora (1964). About his absolute devotion to an almost thousand year old Kung Fu style and his relationship with possibly the last and most legendary Chinese Grandmaster of all.

Henny travels the all over the world to meet and learn from the best grandmasters in an effort to bridge the gap between these old fighters and his students but also to preserve this almost lost form of Kung Fu. Most of them died already but then Henny comes in contact with the 87-year old grand master Zhang Shaofu who gave up his search for a successor. When Henny shows Zhang Shaofu his skills in various forms of Kung Fu, Zhang Shaufu is deeply impressed. So much so that he wants to see in person what Henny has going on in his Kung Fu school in Amsterdam.

We are in the post-production phase but in order to finish this documentary we are still looking for sponsors. We are planning a crowdfunding campaign. To keep updated about this project please follow the Inheriting Liu He Men Facebook page.

Tech specs:

Running time: Unknown
Camera’s: Various
Resolution: 1920x1080p

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