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Posted by on Aug 11, 2016 in Download, Editorial

A while ago I started preparing for the edit for a film and realised that I never really liked Premiere’s built in leader. I know almost no one will ever see the film leader but I still wanted it to look decent.

I tried the internet and found a lot of After Effects projects and stock countdowns but not one that I liked. The best one I found at the website of Dutch editor Job ter Burg. He made his own and made it available for download, accompanied with a great explanation on how to work with his leader inside the AVID and how they work in general.

Although I liked Job ter Burgs’ leader, I found myself wanting to create my own. Just for the fun of it, because if you know a little bit of After Effects you know it can’t be too difficult. So I made my own leader and made it available for download for you to use in your own projects. I made one in 1080p (HD) and one in 2160p (UHD). The leaders are a JPEG image sequence. Just choose ‘import’ in Premiere Pro and you can just select the first image, before you click ok, make sure that ‘image sequence’ is selected at the bottom of the import window. Let me know if you like it and when you use them!

JH Leader 2016

Download HD | Download UHD

SMPTE/Academy/Framecounting Leader

*This next part and instruction is directly taken from Job ter Burgs’ website

It counts down 8secs@24fps (SMPTE) as well as 12ft@35mm (Academy) and it has a total frame counter (192), with a sync mark at 48frs (02sec@24fps/03ft@35mm) before F(irst) F(rame) O(f) A(ction). Add a single frame of audio tone (1KHz) at the white 2-pop/3-pop/-48 frame.
N.B. You can use it, but you are not allowed to alter it in any way, especially length. Some people mistakenly assume that a 25fps film project (sometimes used in Europe) should have a 25fps leader, but it should not. A film leader is a film leader, 192 frames in length, either counting SMPTE (8 seconds measured at 24fps) or Academy (12 feet of 35mm 4-perf). In 25fps projects, the leader should be run 1 frame by 1 frame (so it will run faster). Sync mark (2-pop or 3-pop) remains at the same position, 48 frames before FFOA, regardless of film speed (When you splice in the leader at the head of your sequence, you will find that if the PICTURE START mark is at 0xh00m00s00f, then the sync mark is at 24TC 0xh00m06s00f and 25TC 0xh00m05m19f, and the FFOA occurs at 24TC 0xh00m08s and 25TC 0xh00m07s17f.) (